Bimirth Baby Bottle Sterilizer

R1,199.00 R1,050.00

Heat helps in killing bacteria; that is why raw food is heated or cooked before eating.Your baby definitely deserves the best and is here to help you provide it.



  • BPA-free bottle sterilizer ensures your bottles are clean and safe for your baby.The product kills harmful bacteria by water vapor.
  • Ultra fast disinfection and large capacity of this steam sterilizer helps you save more time.
  • Multi-use: The sterilizer can be used for breast pumps, soothers and other products, as well as bottles.Can be used to storage accessories such as dummy, tooth ring, nipple shield, etc.
  • For mothers who want to be extra sure when it comes to cleaning their baby tools,
  • helps you warm milk and water at the same time.
  • bottles can be disinfected at the same time.
  • automatically shut down after minutes of disinfection,

What’s in the box:

1 X Bimirth baby bottle sterilizer


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