Bodipedic Ultimate Pocket Spring Queen

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Excellent spinal support * Relief from lower back stiffness * Reduces pressure point pain * Minimal partner disturbance * Antibacterial and anti-allergenic * Relief from skin irritations * Promotes skin and hair regeneration * Soft feel sleep surface * Weight rating 130 kg per person * 15 year service warranty

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  • Memory Foam top – Memory foam reacts to your body heat and softens on contact. This gives you a super soft sleeping surface. The cushion will keep your spine in the correct position during sleep. It will also help eliminate pain caused by pressure points. Memory foam also has great durability, this gives your mattress a much longer life.
  • Luxury foam layers – The medium density foams keep the you comfortable during the night. They allow for the best circulation and also stop pressure points that would keep you tossing and turning during sleep. This will help you reach a deeper sleep that is considered to great for overall health.
  • Aloe vera fabrics – Aloe Vera fabric has a soft and silky feel. It is also lightweight, highly absorbent, thick and crease-resistant. The fabric also repels moisture which allows for an easy evaporation of sweat. The fabric has the unique feature of cooling in the summer, and warming you on cooler nights. It has excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.
  • No turn convenience – Not only does the no turn feature provide you with ease of rotation. Turn mattresses are also lighter which makes the task of rotation a lot easier. Another benefit is that you usually have twice as many comfort layers. This feature helps relieve pressure points on your body and reduce motion transfer.
  • Study six leg base – The base of the bed is made to be strong and sturdy. Gluing and taking the base together makes sure it does not move or creak when you move. The inside of the base has extra corner supports and cross beams. This ensures support of the mattress and makes sure that is does not sag.The bed base has six legs to add to the stability of the entire unit