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Connect instantly and easily to your world via Bluetooth V5. Enjoy crystal clear True Wireless Stereo. Control your music wireless with Smart-Press-Control. Charge on the go with the portable Easy-Charge Case.

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Get ready to unleash the beat with Ultra-Link True Wireless Stereo Earbuds! Enjoy true wireless freedom with Bluetooth technology. You can now listen to great quality sound while having wireless freedom of up to 10 meters. Ultra-Link brings you not only quality sound but quality time with your Wireless Earbuds. Enjoy great quality music playtime of up to 3.5 hours, you are able to charge your wireless earbuds with the portable easy-charge case.

Bluetooth Version V5.0:

Bluetooth version 5.0 allows the Wireless headphones to connect over Bluetooth in a low energy format, which means that you use less power and have longer battery life. Messy wired cords are a thing of the past! You are now able to wirelessly stream high-quality music/sound from your smartphone!

Smart-Press Control:

You can now control your music via the Earbuds directly, without even touching your phone! With smart-press-control you are able to skip music, decrease the volume, etc.

Talk On The Go:

You can now easily manage and control your calls from your headphones with the built-in mic.

Time Matters:

We value your time and experience, thus we bring you this stunning product! The TWS has a call time of 2 hours and music playtime of 3.5 hours. When your earbuds are low on battery we have your back with the portable Easy-Charge Case.

Portable Easy-charge case:

The Ultra-Link TWS Portable Easy-Charge Case is a great solution for those on the go! You can now charge your earbuds anywhere and anytime. You can easily power your earbuds with this smart modern compact design.


The TWS Earbuds take 2 hours to fully charge in its case. The Easy-Charge Case is fully charged at 2 hours. The Charging Voltage is at an impressive DC 5V/1S, meaning it charges fast and effective, so you can have more time listening to your favourite music on the go! The Earbuds has a battery of 3.7V 30MaH, and the Easy-Charge Case has a powerful battery of 3.7V 500Mah.

Great Quality Sound:

Ultra-Link offers clear & powerful sound for a variety of tasks. Combining efficient ambient noise reduction with high quality, crisp stereo output, you can now escape into your musical world.

All-Day comfort:

Ultra-Link carefully selected quality materials for our Bluetooth Earbuds and made it a light compact design that is ideal for long term comfort and use.

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